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PJAMM's first great adventure of 2018 - Hawaii - Mauna Kea (#1 world), Mauna Loa (#1 world longest), Haleakala (#10 world), Waipoli (#8 USA), Kaloko Drive (#10 USA) & Road to Hana (beautiful!)

7 rides in 7 days

The PJAMM Cycling Crew - Hawaii 2018

Well, I thought the most ill-advised PJAMM adventure was Badwater Basin (Death Valley - 116 degrees at start) to the summit of Mt. Whitney back in 2016. I think Badwater/Whitney is about to take second chair on the "dumb" scale to Hawaii, 2018. Wouldn't you know it, just days before we are going to be on the Big Island it is bubbling up hot lava. We will be 30 miles from the venue of epicenter generating this report:

"After surviving earthquakes and molten lava, residents of Hawaii's Big Island now have new threats to worry about: steam-driven explosions, hazardous volcanic smog and acid rain."

As of get away day we still plan on beginning our attempt to ride the most difficult (by far) road bike climb in the world - Hilo to Mauna Kea starting 7 a.m. on May 15. If the Vog and acid rain are at dangerous levels we will swap out to a Kona-side start for the climb which is slightly longer, but just as hard.

Stacy Topping is taking on her biggest challenge so far (and that will ever be) achieving her goal of climbing the Top 100 Bike Climbs in the U.S. On this trip, she stands to get #1 (Mauna Kea - also #1 by a good stretch in the World), #2 (Haleakala), #7 (Mauna Loa - also the longest climb in the world at 62 miles), #8 (Waipoli) and #10 (Kaloko).

Also along for the fun will be Bill Capobianco (Laguna Beach, CA), Bruce Hamilton (Palm Desert, CA), Ray Gurzynski (Woodinville, WA), Brad Butterfield (Santa Rosa, CA) and our photographer / videographer / droneagropher (Max Bonta, Santa Rosa/San Diego, CA).


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