Where in the world is Brad now?

Brad Butterfield

Documenting climbs in Europe

Follow Brad Butterfield as he rides and documents climbs in Europe for PJAMM Cycling.

approx. 200 climbs and 23 countries

Brad Butterfield - PJAMM Cycling

Brad Butterfield may just be the youngest great bike climbing adventurer in the world. Four years ago at age 16, Brad ascended the most difficult climb in the world (Mauna Kea) and the longest continuous climb in the world (Mauna Loa). Since then he has taken on the greatest climbs in Canada, the U.S., South America (including the Death Road and Uturuncu Volcano [the highest road in the world at 18,800']), Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. By the time he turns 21 Brad will have climbed the 10 Top Road Bike Climbs in the United States and the Top 10 World.

Brad is now travelling over the Atlantic to document and ride the most difficult bike climbs in: Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, back through Italy, Switzerland, Austria and into Germany, then back over to the French Alps, down to Ventoux, to Andorra, French Pyrenees, Belgium, England (all 100 of Simon Warrens 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs), Wales, Scotland and, finally, Ireland.

23 countries in all. Some climbs on 100% tarmac, some on 100% dirt/gravel, others a mix of dirt and pavement. Tune in and follow Brad as he conquers Europe's Greatest Bike Climbs!

Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein